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Reflective Diskdrive Icons

The Reflective Diskdrive Iconset inclui 11 PNG icones (512×512 pixels).Apple Disk icon, BSD Deamon Disk icon, Empty Disk icon, Fedora Core DIsk icon, Linux Disk icon, Mandriva Disk icon, NetBSD Disk icon, OpenBSD Puffy Disk icon, openSUSE Disk icon, Ubuntu Disk icon, Windows Disk icon. Hospedagem=>BitroadTamanho=>388Kb

Adobe CS3 Flush Icons

The Adobe CS3 Flush Icones inclui 12 icones (PNG & ICO).Adobe Effects CS3 icon, Adobe Illustrator icon, Apolo icon, Adobe Dreamweaver icon, Freehand icon, Adobe Flash icon, Adobe Fireworks icon, Adobe InDesign icon, Adobe Premiere icon, Adobe Photoshop CS3 icon… Hospedagem=>BitroadTamanho=>927Kb

Antares Icons

Antares Icons inclui 15 (ICO & PNG) vista style icones.Dashboard icon, Dashboard Black icon, Dashboard White icon, Finder Black icon, Finder Crystal icon, iChat icon, iTunes Alt 2 icon, Mail icon, Movie Update icon, Safari icon, Safari Black icon, Safari White icon, Trash Empty icon, Trash Full icon, VLC icon… Hospedagem=>BitroadTamanho=>4,69Mb

Black Leopard Icon Set

Black Leopard Icon Set inclui 19 (ICNS & PNG) icones.Application Folder icon, Burnable Folder icon, Desktop Folder icon, Developer Folder icon, Documents Folder icon, Downloads Folder icon, Generic Folder icon, Generic Sharepoint icon, Group Folder icon, Library Folder icon, Movie Folder icon, Music Folder icon, Open Folder icon, Pictures Folder icon, Public Folder icon, Sites Folder icon, System Folder icon, Users Folder icon, Utilities Folder icon… Hospedagem=>BitroadTamanho=>679Kb

Adobe CS3 Icon Pack

Adobe CS3 Icon Pack inclui 16 (ICO) vista style icones.Adobe Acobat icon, Adobe After Effects icon, Adobe Bridge icon, Adobe Contribute icon, Adobe Director icon, Adobe Dreamweaver icon, Adobe Fireworks icon, Adobe Flash icon, Adobe Flex icon, Adobe FrameMaker icon, Adobe Illustrator icon, Adobe InDesign icon, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom icon, Adobe Photoshop icon, Adobe Premiere icon, Adobe Stock Photos icon. Hospedagem=>Bitroad Tamanho=>1,20Mb

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